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"Greater love hath no more than this; that a man lays down his life for his friends.” John 15:13 

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The purpose of Nick's Foundation is to:

1. Establish an annual Scholarship for a Delta Kappa Epsilon at Wake Forest. This scholarship will be awarded each year into perpetuity to a DKE who exemplifies Nick's character. The First Scholarship was awarded in 2012.

2. Spearhead a "Cause to Save Lives" in Rhode Island where Nick lost his life, working to have proper signage erected, warning of the dangers of entering the water where it is illegal to do so but no signage existed in August 2011. The first important step in this effort came to fruition on May 5, 2014 when signs were put up. The Foundation will work to monitor enforcement and move to the other areas where proper signage can help Save Lives.

3. Keep Nick's legacy alive by contributing to worthy causes, in his name, and selecting those causes that involve the activities Nick loved. "Soccer in the Streets", "The Harlem Dream Charter School Summer Softball League" and "The Christopher League at NYO" are among those that are supported by Nick's Foundation.


Night Out for Nops 2016. Downtown Association in New York City. Click Here to see a short 5 minute video from the night. Another successful fundraiser for the NVN Foundation.

Kenneth  Hartzfeld , 2015 recipient of the Westminster School Nick Napolitano “No Greater Love” memorial award.

NYO Nick Napolitano Best Buddy award recipient for 2015, Matthew  Gaudiosi.  

Video link for WPRI-TV, Providence Rhode Island, May 6, 2014.  Nick’s family and the Foundations’s attorney talks about the recently installed signage at Brenton State Park.

Signage erected in May, 2014 with the goal to “Save Lives”.

Wake Forest NVN Scholarship recipient for 2014/15, Matthew Ioannou. 

Nick is Everywhere. Please continue to send pictures so we can fill in the globe. Nick's passion was travel and he IS with us. Send pictures to with your name and location.

Hoovers Blue Sox with Joey and Will. See photo gallery for more information

Soccer in the streets annual award to a volunteer , The Nick Napolitano Leadership  Award"
Adam Adam, 2015 recipient of the Nick Napolitano Leadership award at Soccer in the Streets. Christopher League players and parents were sent to see the Rome Braves baseball team summer 2015 funded by the NVN Foundation.  Coach Leo Rose and 2015 Best Buddy Matthew Gaudiosi above at award ceremony Willy Wright of Sewanee received the 2015 DKE Award for Chapter President Excellence in Nick’s name. Pictured here is Cory Crenshaw and Val at the annual convention with the trophy.


*The Nicholas Val Napolitano Memorial Fund is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, Tax I.D. Number 45-3137912.

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