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"Greater love hath no more than this; that a man lays down his life for his friends.” John 15:13 

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The purpose of Nick's Foundation is to:

1. Establish an annual scholarship at Wake Forest University  for a Delta Kappa Epsilon young man who perpetuates the characteristics that Nick stood for.  This scholarship will be awarded each Fall into perpetuity.  

2. Spearhead a "Cause to Save Lives"  in Rhode Island, starting with Brenton State Park where Nick lost his life and taking the Cause  throughout the state of Rhode Island.  It is illegal to swim/jump at Brenton Park;however, no  signs or warnings exist alerting visitors to the Park of the extreme dangers. As "The Ocean State",  Rhode Island, the Foundation deeply believes, has a moral and legal responsibility to institute  signage (via the Universal Safe Swimming Flag System) and have adequate patrolling and warnings  to keep residents and visitors safe. Many states have instituted the Universal Flag System as a  way to be responsible to their visitors/residents and Save Lives.  The Foundation will work on this  Cause for as long as it takes to "make a difference" in Nick's name.

3. Keep Nick's legacy alive by  contributing Foundation funds to those disciplines that Nick touched, i.e. Soccer, Community Service,  Athletics and Elementary/High Schools he attended.  Awards will be given in Nick's name to  acknowledge those who exemplify Nick's characteristics he lived by and by which he touched  so many in such a positive way.

Nick elected to Westminster School Hall of Fame Carlos Barrios
First Recipient of the NVN Wake Forest Scholarship
Sheridan Nulty receving the Wesminster "No Greater Love" Award on Honors Day with  Regis and Val. Harrison Butkner and Sheridan Nulty "No Greater Love" recipients 2012 and 2013
Ruby Freeman. Nick Napolitano "Best Buddy" volunteer NYO 2013 Ruby Freeman receiving award Striving to save lives in Nick's name. Watch the saving lives video


*The Nicholas Val Napolitano Memorial Fund is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, Tax I.D. Number 45-3137912.

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